Nov 162016

NYSSRA and NENSA no longer have a reciprocal membership arrangement.

(As of Friday Nov.18- nensa has offered to mail a partial refund nyssra in the spring to cover members who pay full price for both seasonal memberships.) NENSA has requested skiers who do not have a nensa club select “NYSSRA nordic as your NENSA CLUB when signing up to facilitate tracking for the refund.” -if you already registered, don’t sweat it.

-If you have already purchased a NYSSRA-Plus membership for this season, you will be refunded the difference.  Your NYSSRA membership will be honored for this season if you have already purchased that license.  You do not need to sign up again.  As of November 21st, Refunds are all processed, please contact nyssra’s president if yours was not processed correctly: put nyssra plus reufund in the subject line.

For many years, NYSSRA and NENSA skiers have enjoyed the benefits of regional membership which has allowed NY skiers to easily participate in Eastern Cups, EHSC Championships, U16 Championships and Zak Cup races (+ reciprocal benefits for Nensa racers here).

What does this mean for you?  Well….

-If you are interested in doing any club racing in New York you need to have NYSSRA membership.  The cost for an individual adult is $25.00 (kids and families have discounted rates). You can register here, if you have not already. Only NYSSRA Nordic members are exempted from the “non member” fee at our races.

-If you are interested in doing racing in New England (at an Eastern Cup Race, Eastern High School Chmapionships, U16 Championships,) you need to purchase a full NENSA membership as well.  ( If you wish to compete in a Zak cup series race, or a New England Marathon you do NOT need a NENSA membership to ski, but you will need a NENSA membership to earn points.

-If you plan on racing for points in both regions, you need to have both memberships.

-If you are looking to race at Junior Nationals you will also need to meet the USSA membership requirements. See Mid-A handbook for details.


-The NYSSRA treasurer and executive board will work to get you that refund as soon as possible.- this has begun November 19th but takes a few minutes per skier, and there are just under 100 affected skiers.

There is some hope that an arrangement can be built for the future that is mutually beneficial.

The NYSSRA executive board and NENSA board will talk in the Spring. Again….any NYSSRA member who wants to race in an Eastern Cup race, the Eastern High School Championships or the U16 Championships must go online and join NENSA for the regular price.  Refunds are being processed manually, partial refunds (difference between nyssra plus and nyssra for your age group – non refundable skireg fees) This should be completed before thanksgiving.

We are disappointed that we cannot offer you reciprocal membership. Sorry for the bad news.

This change is due to their new CRM system, which requires each member to individually sign up to their CRM system, so that a valid NENSA member # is in your profile, when you register from and Eastern Cup, or U16 or EHS this coming season. NENSA executives are sorry this arrangement is no longer possible.


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