There are four main divisions of NYSSRA-Nordic.  They are XC, biathlon, ski-orienteering and the Bill Koch Youth Ski League.  Below is a description of each division and the types of events they offer.

XC – Cross Country Ski Racing:  This division of NYSSRA Nordic focuses on hosting nordic ski races in both the classic and skate style.  These races vary in length and are designed for skiers who ski U16 and older.  The chairperson of the XC  Division of NYSSRA Nordic is Eric Seyse and the chairperson of the Mid-A XC Ski Team is Margaret Maher.

BiathlonThis division of NYSSRA Nordic focuses on holding nordic races that combine skate skiing and target shooting.  Competitors must combine skilled marksmanship and fast skiing to achieve the fastest time.  Nick Gretzinger chairs the Biathlon Division of NYSSRA Nordic.

Ski Orienteering: This division of NYSSRA Nordic creates events that combine the ski off map reading and navigation with skiing and traversing challenging terrain.  The NYSSRA Ski-O division is chaired by Chris Frielinghaus.

Bill Koch Youth Ski LeagueThe Bill Koch Youth Ski League is a group of programs run across the state (and New England region) that aim to teach young kids about the sport of nordic skiing.  The chairperson of the NY Bill Koch Committee is Eric Hamilton.