Points Scoring Rules

Below are the official NYSSRA Nordic Points Scoring Rules beginning in the 2012-13 ski season-Updated for 2018-19:

All skiers will score NYSSRA-Nordic points for each race of the NYSSRA-Nordic Series that they complete. Designated events are listed in the cross-country race schedule at www.nyssranordic.org. Earned points will be awarded using the formula and tables below, and will accumulate over the course of a given season.

For Each NYSSRA Event skiers will be grouped into one of Four (4) scored races*

Junior Female (U16 and younger)

Junior Male (U16 and younger)

Female (U18 and older)

Male (U18 and older)

*in a case where an event allows skiers to participate in varying distances, each distance will be sorted into the above groups. 

NYSSRA-Nordic points = participation points + age class placing + overall placing

Participation: NYSSRA-Nordic members will receive 5 points for each sanctioned race completed. (Non-members are not issued participation points)

Age class placing: Each racer is awarded points based on placing within their respective age class.

Overall Placing: Racers will be awarded points for finishing in the top 25 of a given event

Non members receive no points.

NOTE: All points are doubled for the NYSSRA Champions Cup Race

U16 and younger skiers may displace older skiers in overall results but are not scored against older skiers i.e:When a U14 skier finishes 8th overall ( but is the first U16 finisher), in a mass start, and a M6 skier finishes 9th place overall, in scoring th M6 Skier is scored for 9th place overall, while the U14 skier receives 1st overall since the older skiers do are not scored in the U16 race).

NYSSRA-NORDIC Cross Country Point Series

To encourage participation by individuals in NYSSRA-Nordic sanctioned events, NYSSRA Nordic sponsors a season-long points series. Races must be sanctioned by a sanctioned club/organization with NYSSRA  before the season {some special consideration for weather related issues can be given}. For late sanctioned or early season races, at least a week’s notice is required to get sanctioned. Unsanctioned events are not part of the NYSSRA Points series.

Racers of all age classes will score points during sanctioned races, with those accumulating the most points in each age group over the course of the season will win points series awards, and be officially recognized as NYSSRA-Nordic’s New York State Nordic skiing points series champions.

Racers’ points are totaled after each race, and accumulate during the season. All races in which points are scored count towards a racer’s season total.

Points standings will be maintained and updated by the Points Committee Chairman (or their chosen assistant) and posted on the NYSSRA-Nordic website www.nyssranordic.org

Awards for the overall champion of each age class (male and female U16, U18, U20, Senior, M1, M2…M12) will be presented following the NYSSRA-Nordic Champions Cup race. Awards will be based on total accumulated points throughout the current NYSSRA-Nordic racing season.  In addition, additional skiers who score in the top 30 overall points (red group) will also receive an award, regardless of age-class.

To be eligible for NYSSRA Points Series awards, racers must complete two NYSSRA sanctioned races. In addition, racers must enter and complete the NYSSRA Champions Cup Distance race.

All racers are scored based on finish. (non-nyssra members do not score participation points). Racers must be members prior to the start of the race in order to score participation points during that race. Racers who join NYSSRA after the race will be able to count their race points, but will not be awarded participation points.

For more information on the NYSSRA-Nordic Points Series contact the NYSSRA Nordic Points Chairman: Eric Seyse,  eseyse@gmail.com


How do racers score points? – Any racer who completes a NYSSRA-Nordic sanctioned race scores points for that race.- They will only be included in team scoring and the points series if they are members to insure proper scoring.

Do you get points for finishing the race? – Yes. NYSSRA-Nordic awards 5 participation points to each NYSSRA member who finishes a sanctioned race.

Do you get points for doing well in your age group? – Yes. NYSSRA-Nordic will also award age-group points, 20 pts for first, 16 for 2nd, etc…

Do you get points for doing well overall? – Yes. NYSSRA-Nordic will award overall place points (10 for 1st overall, 9 for 2nd, … 1 for 10th overall). So, you score points three ways in each race.

What about the Empire State Winter Games? – Yes, NYSSRA-Nordic points will be awarded during the ESWG events. These races are part of the NYSSRA-Nordic series

What about the NYSSRA-Nordic Champions Cup Race? – NYSSRA-Nordic will award double points for this race. It is also a mandatory event to finish for anyone who wishes to be eligible for the season-ending age group awards.

When are Points Series awards given? – The season-long points series awards will be presented after the completion of the Champions Cup race. Racers must finish that race in order to be eligible for awards.

Points are updated as event results are sent in by race organizers.  The points lists are hosted by Google Drive and will automatically update as they are added.  Look at the tabs to see the individual races that have been scored.

The Points Committee tries to be as accurate as possible in calculating NYSSRA Points, but is dependent on information collected by race organizers.  Occasionally, mistakes in spelling of names or mis-imported age classes crop up and may affect your points totals.  We strive to be as accurate as possible, so if you see a discrepancy, do not hesitate to contact the NYSSRA points committee chairman, Eric Seyse

NOTE: ONLY ACTIVE NYSSRA MEMBERS ARE DISPLAYED ON THESE LISTS (non-members may score points, but if you wish to be eligible for end-of-season awards, register as an active NYSSRA Member) Once a skier Joins NYSSRA Nordic their season points total will be added to their score.