Wilkinson Cup


Welcome to the “Wilkinson Cup” championship series!

All NYSSRA Nordic races will be scored for the traditional NYSSRA points series (see points series rules).  However, in addition, it will be scored using more of a performance-based system (see description below).  Your scoring total will be dependent on your best 3 races including the NYSSRA Championship Race. The athlete at the top of the Wilkinson Series will win an engraving on the “Wilkinson Cup” trophy and the corresponding prize package and cash prize. A cash prize will be given to the top male and female points earner.

The Wilkinson Cup series is named after longtime organizer and leader in the NYSSRA community, Larry Wilkinson. For decades he helped maintain the NYSSRA race season, Empire State Games, and sanctioning agreements for our race organizers. NYSSRA Nordic thanks Larry and his family for their dedication to nordic skiing at all levels in New York.

Wilkinson Cup Series Scoring Rules: were updated for the 19-20 season. Points will be awarded as % back from 1st in each event. Points from a racers top 2 individual races + championships will be used to determine the Wilkinson Cup Champion. These Skiers win a $100 cash prize to the top Male and Female skier, and their names on the Wilkinson Cup perpetual trophy