Jul 272014

Next time you plan a vacation please consider booking with Vacations4acause! NYSSRA Nordic has recently partnered with them and you can help support NYSSRA clubs and events with your booking. Just visit http://vacation4acause.com/nyssranordic.php and you can support ski racing in New York.

If you book business or vacation travel through Vacation4acause they will donate up to 8% of the cost of travel. they don’t charge any extra and there is no difference between what you would pay for booking with a travel agency. You don’t have to do anything extra. Just book and go. For instance, if a family of 4 books a vacation with us, your donation will be around $200.  That is a huge help for us! Check out their rates and compare!

The money donated  will go to more (and larger) club support grants, event support, and will help fund the creation of a NYSSRA executive director. We hope to expand NYSSRA’s offerings throughout the year but can’t do it without funds in the coffer. Please consider traveling with NYSSRA in mind.