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10-10-23 Update

To all club leaders, event organizers, BKYSL leaders, coaches, and volunteers:

Thank you for the work that you do for Nordic ski racing in New York State. Below is your “list of things to do” for the NYSSRA-Nordic 2023-24 ski racing season. From memberships, club sanctioning, and background screening to sanctioning your scheduled race to post race chores. It’s all here with links to directions and the forms you may need to submit.

This applies to Cross Country Skiing, Biathlon, and Ski Orienteering competition. NY Biathlon has additional and separate requirements with USBA.

1. Renew 2023-24 memberships at SkiReg (individual, family, BKYSL, non-racing coach/volunteer).

 All NYSSRA-Nordic coaches & volunteers need to be registered members. If the individual is not already a member and is not an active participant in NYSSRA-Nordic events, they are eligible to join as a coach/volunteer on SkiReg at a reduced membership rate for their coverage under NYSSRA-Nordic policy.

 Help us to get others to renew/join.

2. Make sure your club is sanctioned by NYSSRA-Nordic for 2023-24.

 Critical for liability coverage that clubs receive from NYSSRA Nordic for club training events, clinics, development camps, races, and other activities.

 The club sanctioning registration/renewal process can be completed HERE with the online form. Checks for the $45 club sanctioning fee, payable to NYSSRA-Nordic, Inc., should be sent to Ed Luban, 701 DeMong Drive, Syracuse, NY 13214.

3. Request Background Checks.

 NYSSRA-Nordic requires a background screening for individuals serving as coaches or volunteers in a position of authority over and/or with frequent contact with athletes. This includes BKYSL leaders & coaches. Volunteers with only incidental and observable contact with athletes at events are exempt from this requirement.

 See the requirements for sanctioned clubs and the complete policy (revised 5/1/22) on the NYSSRA Nordic Forms page of the website under Club Sanctioning Form. Note that NYSSRA-Nordic pays the service fee for each background check.

4. Propose your club’s race event for the calendar by the Sept. 24 fall meeting. Helps avoid or resolve date conflicts.

5. Sanction your 2023-24 race event by submitting sanctioning paperwork before Nov. 1, 2023.

 Important for the NYSSRA Nordic liability coverage that race event organizers receive.

 Complete and submit the Race/Organizer sanctioning form in the NYSSRA Nordic Forms page. Fill in the Google Docs Online Event Sanctioning form and then send your check by postal mail.

 The revised event sanctioning fee structure for this season is as follows: 

  • Up to Nov. 1–$40/1st event, $20/ea. additional event; refundable if weather-related cancellation
  • Nov. 1-Nov. 14–$50; refundable if weather-related cancellation 
  • Nov. 15-Dec. 1–$60; refundable if weather-related cancellation 
  • After Dec. 1–$70; refundable if weather-related cancellation  

Checks for race/event organizer sanctioning fee, payable to NYSSRA Nordic, Inc., should be sent to Ed Luban, 701 DeMong Drive, Syracuse, NY 13214.

 When received and approved as complete, your race will be added to the event calendar on the NYSSRA-Nordic website.

 When you set up your registration process (SkiReg or other online system), you must include in the Event Notes: “This is a NYSSRA-Nordic sanctioned event. The use of fluorinated ski waxes is prohibited at this race. Non NYSSRA-Nordic members are charged an additional $5 per race for their liability coverage. Consider joining at the NYSSRA Nordic Membership 2023-24 SkiReg page.”

It is suggested that organizers incorporate the $5 in a non NYSSRA-Nordic member registration fee category and offer a NYSSRA-Nordic member “discounted” fee that is $5 less. Or organizers can collect the $5 from non members at check-in on race day. Then send check payment for $5 x no. of non members to our treasurer after the race. (See No. 6 last checklist item). Organizers that offer “day of” registration on-site can collect the $5 with their day of rate.

6. After race requirements.

Note: It is extremely important that the following steps be implemented as soon as possible after the conclusion of the race or event, certainly within 14 days. Season points cannot be awarded to individuals and clubs and organizer liability insurance might not be in effect if these steps are not completed. The ability of NYSSRA-Nordic to support and provide insurance for your event depends upon the payment of the post-race fees. Please complete steps 3 and 4 within 14 days of race/event completion to avoid NYSSRA-Nordic charging a late fee of $25!

1. Send Race Results for website posting and points list scoring to [points person and contact info to be determined.]
2. Mail the original copy of the Event Sign-in Waiver sheet to NYSSRA-Nordic insurance coordinator Sean Halligan, PO Box 2220, Wilton, NY 12831. All sheets need to have the event name and date at the top. 
3. Mail Event Head Tax (see page, to be determined, in the Event Sanctioning Packet) check payable to NYSSRA-Nordic, Inc. to treasurer Jack Rueckheim, 487 Ringwood Road, Freeville, NY 13068. Head tax is $4 per competitor. For JN Qualifiers, an additional $2 per junior competitor ($6 per junior competitor). 
4. If the $5 per non NYSSRA-Nordic member fee was not paid at online registration but collected on race day, mail check payment for $5 x no. of non-members payable to NYSSRA-Nordic, Inc. to treasurer Jack Rueckheim, 487 Ringwood Road, Freeville, NY 13068. This fee must be paid at the same time as the head tax.
5. Mail any race/event sanctioning fees that are due, payable to NYSSRA-Nordic, Inc. to Jack Rueckheim at 487 Ringwood Road, Freeville, NY 13068.

Please print and save this list as a reminder of things that need attention. Your involvement as an organizer of Nordic racing is appreciated.

Mark Chmielewicz, President NYSSRA Nordic


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