Oct 062021

NYSSRA-Nordic recently changed to a new insurance company and there has been significant change to the certificate of insurance/additional insured process. There is also a BIG change to the NYSSRA-Nordic background check policy. Highlights are as follows:

Certificates of Insurance & Additional Insureds
As far as certificates of insurance & additional insureds go, the process is much easier than it was last year! All you need to do is provide the name and address of the entity that is looking for a certificate &/or additional insured status. This is typically submitted with your club sanctioning paperwork, but it can also be submitted at other times throughout the year as needed. (*But only after a club has officially sanctioned with NYSSRA-Nordic!). Please see the new form on the FORMS page of the website for further details.

As a reminder, if an entity needs any specific verbiage on a certificate, please make sure that you know exactly what they need before you submit the request! This is most common with governmental agencies such as New York State.

Background Checks
As is already required by both USSA & USBA, NYSSRA-Nordic will now also require a background screening at least every two years for individuals serving as coaches or volunteers in a position of authority over &/or with frequent contact with athletes. This includes Bill Koch Youth Ski League leaders & coaches. Volunteers with only incidental and observable contact with athletes at events are exempt from this requirement.

Each sanctioned club will be required to provide a list of any such coaches or volunteers in their club at the time that they send in their annual sanctioning forms. This is a mandatory requirement. Failure to comply will result in a rejection of the club’s sanctioning request. If you have already sanctioned your club for 2021-22, please submit that information.

Licensed coaches and volunteers who have already gone through the background screening process with USSA, USBA &/or some other source such as an employer should provide a copy of their background screening “green light” confirmation. (*Please note that School District employee fingerprinting for employees & coaches is not acceptable). If a coach or volunteer does not already have proof of a background screening they will be required to complete a background screening application through NYSSRA-Nordic at no cost to that person.

Please see the NYSSRA-Nordic Background Check Policy posted on the website for more information.


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