Mar 282020

Spring is here in earnest. And so is the spring newsletter (incidentally if you didn’t get it we don’t have your accurate email, or you did not become a member this year, sign up on skireg this coming May and be part of the next season. Most readers will be facing some changes to their usual spring skiing routine. The Ski  season ground to a halt after the U16 Championships, and part of the Junior Nationals races. The world Cup didn’t come to North America after all. Masters had to forgo their European race trips after a season of hard training. Check out how the racing went, and if you competed, nice work.

Changing up our plans was a wise move to keep everyone healthy and safe. Make some time this spring to get  in touch with your ski club- while keeping your distance: let them know where there is still crust to ski on (Saratoga NY before the rain storm). Thank your groomer at the local Ski area for all their hard work this season (Thanks Pat, Curt, and Carolyn).

Take time to wax and store your skis, lube and align your roller skis, and sharpen those road tips. Remind the NYSSRA points Chair to get the Page of Champions up to date. If it is appropriate, hit the trail, and keep a ski length or 2 between each person. Like Therese Jauhang, not Christian Zorzi:

And if like them, you are moving quickly, add distance, 10-20* meters is better as droplets remain suspended in the air you ski through. Tap your pole tips instead of shaking hands. * Recommendations vary, but farther is better.

{These NYSSRA racers practice theira diagonal striding in glenville while social distancing}

NYSSRA Nordic clubs will be adjusting their schedules this season. Some camps may be postponed or cancelled. So share your favorite workouts with your your friends (and maybe your rivals). Get on those roller skis sooner that usual, and keep your technique smooth. Nothing fights stress of cabin fever like a few hours double poling – and nothing makes you want to roller ski like cabin fever.

Stay in touch and keep on skiing/roller skiing- safely. One of these days we can get together on the trail, and by then we all need to be ready to race.


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