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Reports will be referred to during the general session of NYSSRA-Nordic’s Spring Meeting audio call-in conference at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 1. Competition committees met recently and have summarized their work. Whether you participate or not in the conference call, members should check out the reports from committees on their blogs or listed here with quick links.

Fall Meeting Minutes of Sept. 25, 2011 (as posted)

Competition Committee Reports
Biathlon (Nick Gretzinger)
• Cross Country (Larry Wilkinson) as above /Cross Country Masters
Ski Orienteering (Eric Hamilton)
BKYSL (Eric Hamilton)
• Mid-A Junior Committee (Margaret Maher) as below:

The 2012 Mid-Atlantic Junior National Team had a positive race week experience at Soldier Hollow, learned a few aspects about “race week on the road” and left with a desire to train hard this summer for next season. Stay tuned to summer training opportunities around the state.

 As a team, we saw break through performances throughout the week. Highlighted by:

  •  Peter Mallery and Tommy Ernst cracking the top 30 in the J2 boys’ classic sprint to make it into the heats
  •  Connor Green skiing into 29th in the J2 boys skate race
  •  Nina Armstrong skiing into 24th in the J2 girls skate race and 26th in the classic race
  •  Adam Luban absolutely hammered the J1 boys 10 km mass start skate race, finishing 12th and posting the 7th  fastest lap 2 time in the field! A close 2 seconds out of the top 10
  •  Alyssa Likly working through the field to finish 24th in the J1 girls 10 km mass start skate race, posting the 20th fastest lap 2 time
  •  J2 boys’ relay team of Peter Mallery, Tommy Ernst and Connor Green skiing tough to 6th place, less than 10 seconds out of 3rd and 0.6 out of 4th

Congratulations to Eric Mallery as the Dave Quinn Award nominee from the Mid-Atlantic Division. Thanks for the hard work, determination and love of the sport.

 Keep up the good work and get outside!

 Margaret and the Mid-Atlantic Coaches Jason, Chad, Marlijne, Steve and Bobs


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