February 2019… Lake Placid, NY

The NYSSRA Nordic Season now has it’s own “Tour de Ski!”  In an ultimate test of endurance and ski prowess, skiers can partake in this 3 stage event, the  NYSSRA Nordic/ESWG TourNADO!

This unique event will challenge skiers of all levels and abilities and will be used to determine overall Empire State Winter Games Cross Country Ski Champions.

Skiers will have the opportunity to ski in up to three events over the ESWG’s weekend.  Skiers who compete in any or all of these events will have the opportunity to be named NYSSRA Nordic/ESWG TourNADO World Champions of the Empire State!   Skiers do not have to compete in all three events to be eligible for The overall award, but they must compete in Sundays final race.  The sum of any and all NYSSRA points scored during this weekend celebration of ski racing will be used to determine overall awards.  Of course, the more events one completes, the greater the chance of becoming a NYSSRA Nordic/ESWG TourNADO Champion!

Friday Feb. 1, 2019: ESWG TourNADO Prologue:  Scheduled to be held under the lights at Dewey Mountain Recreation Center in the Town of Saranac Lake, NY.

  • 6:00 PM Bib Pickup
  • 6:30 Youth(7-11) Race 1k mass start freestyle – new this year
  • 7:00 PM Dual Starts
  • Awards immediately following
  • Top 8 Men and Women named for Saturdays sprint championships

Saturday Feb. 2, 2019:.  20 km Classical For all U18 and older (16 years or older as of Dec 31 2018), 5 km Classical for U14/U16 (12-15 years old as of Dec 31 2018).  This race is scheduled to be held at Mt Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Stadium.

  • 12 Noon Bib Pickup
  • 1:00 PM Mass Start
  • Awards to follow

Saturday Feb. 2, 2019: A short approx.  200 meter Freestyle Sprint Finals at 4pm Mt Van Hoevenberg Cross Country Stadium- Edge of parking lot (any changes will be announced at Fridays race).  Skiers qualify at Friday nights prologue at Dewey Mountain.  Top 8 men and top 8 women (overall based on times – no age classes) will qualify to compete in this event.  NOTE: Since it is important that the qualified skiers show up to compete in the sprint finals, Selected skiers will be asked to confirm their participation following the awards at Friday nights prologue.  Spots vacated by the top 8 will be awarded to the next skiers based on time.    

  • 3:45 pm sign in
  • 4:00 pm XC Sprint championship start
    • Men’s semi-final 1 (4 skiers top 2 advance)
    • Women’s semi-final 1 (4 skiers top 2 advance)
    • Men’s semi-final 2 (4 skiers top 2 advance)
    • Women’s semi-final 2 (4 skiers top 2 advance)
    • Men’s final
    • Women’s final
  • Awards  to follow

Sunday Feb. 3, 2019: ESWG TourNADO Championship Finale:  A 7.5 km Freestyle for U18 and Older age classes, and a 5 km Freestyle for U14/U16 skiers.  This race is scheduled to be held at Mount Van Hoevenberg Biathlon Stadium and will be used as the Tour finale.

  • 12 Noon Bib Pickup
  • 1:00 PM Interval Start
  • Awards to follow

NYSSRA Nordic/ESWG TourNADO Champions:  The top Male and Female Skier From each USSA defined age division who compete in the TourNADO events will be eligible for an additional ESWG medal as Tour Champion.  Skiers will have their  points totaled for each of the three events, cumulative total will decide the Tour Champion in each age division.

Registration: for the NYSSRA Nordic/ESWG TourNADO is available at the Empire State Winter Games web site.  One price and one registration covers all three cross country skiing races. www.empirestatewintergames.com

Deadline for registering: 4pm Jan 30, 2019.  There will be no day of registrations.

Awards: ESWG Medals will be awarded for both male and female in all USSA Age divisions beginning with U14 (age 12 as of Dec 31, 2018. Top three for the individual races and top one for the Tour-Nado Champions. Age class definitions can be found here.

Qualifying:  This Race is open to any skier at least 12 years of age as of Dec 31st 2018.