Nov 132019

NYSSRA wants you! 

And we are giving away wax as a membership premium to members, and to member’s School teams!

School age racers under age 18 can join for free in their first year!

This season when you sign up you may end up a winner before the snow starts to fall. We want our members to sign up early so that they can take advantage of our member benefits, become covered by our insurance policy at all sanctioned events, and to help us support training and racing in our region. So since we all love racing we are having 2 membership races, with prizes chosen to make you race even faster.


NYSSRA Scholastic  race winning teamEvery NYSSRA member who signs up before December 1st and identifies their HS team, will score toward the drawing$163
NYSSRA Membership race winnerA nyssra member who signs up before December 1st will be drawn at random and receive Toko paraffin spray wax to speed up their skis no

The Scholastic membership race. When you sign up, identify your high school team. We will count up all sign ups, and then hold a drawing for the winning team * (details below). The winning team gets a Ski riller to speed up skis for the whole team this season!

Not in High school anymore?-We have a race for you too! Every member who signs up has a chance to win. We will draw a random name as well to receive some 100% pure flouro toko helix spray- the pros use it, and it is so quick and easy that you can too! Toko has sponsored NYSSRA this year and in the past.

(Join here)

*Here’s how we pick the Scholastic race winner:The team with the most sign ups will earn as many entries (think raffle tickets) as there are teams who have at least one skier sign up.

 The second most will get the # of teams-1, and so on.

{Example: if 3 High School Teams have kids sign up}

TeamSign upsEntries
Norway High school1003
Sweden Private school502
Team USA Middle school21

So it is definitely worth signing up even if your team is smaller!

Spread the word, sign up, and keep skiing.


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