Jan 112018

update Saturday Evening: Sundays race will happen at 11 Am, we want an extra hour for the air to warm up. We should be racing right around 10 degrees, so dress accordingly.

 The classic loop is marked in pink ( it is the new short flat portion of the 5k), and the green is the house loop). We will do 2-3 laps each depending on trail condition. Bkysl will do 1-2 laps classic and adventurous Jrs can do 1 lap each or do the grown up race.

Lollipop age kids can do a short flat 300m loop .




Mother Nature came through for NYSSRA with 10 Solid days of genuine COLD winter weather.

Like most of you my toes would thaw out just in time to stick them back in my boots for the next workout. Races were cancelled across the state due to extreme cold. The Schulz Brothers flew to sunny Anchorage for some fun, sun, and podiums with some of teh fastest racers in the country (take a look at the last post in case you missed it).

-But this weekend they can race locally! Forecast temps in the mid twenties after some mid weak drizzle will make for rock solid tracks and fast times at Saratoga Biathlon club. The Shen Classic is Saturday at 11, GHN-ADK Vauhti Skiathlon is Sunday at 10. Both will feature 10K of fun on the Schreiner’s Olympic training trail system.



Register soon to get the best start positions! (it also helps the organizers plan)

Get back into the swing of NYSSRA Racing before it really heats up!

Next weekend features USSA races and the first 2 of 4 JNQ races in lake placid (or for those looking for something different, HURT is running their mega relay at Garnet Hill Saturday, and GHN-ADK Vauhti is hosting a classic sprint at Lapland on Sunday (great ways to get in your KMs or pick up the pace in mid January. The Final JNQ’s and the annual Wild Cat Dash will occur on the 27-8th in Rochester and PA respectively. And of course all that action is perfect preparation for the Empire state winter games!

So if you have not already: Register for NYSSRA, then for the race, and I  will see you on the Trail!



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