Mar 042017

The season has nearly come to an end. The February Thaw sent less dedicated skiers out biking and running. However a die hard bunch of NYSSRA Racers drove from far and wide to test their skill against the Gore mountain ski bowl hills. (For the record they are challenging but rumors of their fear factor have been greatly exaggerated.)

While the FIS is concerned with pole length and double poling, NYSSRA is more concerned with a popular world championship relay strategy centered around seeking hits on YouTube over medals…


One NYSSRA racer tried this Saturday, (on flat trail in the finish area, not on the tricky parts!) but let’s stay focused, have fun and stay off the internet on Sunday’s relay.

When the Cold weather returned it returned with a vengeance and Saturdays racers enjoyed green klister conditions- They were actually enjoyable, not draggy, good kick and the sun made it feel like it was above 10′.

We have had a great season so far. Don’t let the weather outside your window convince you to stop now!

Relay weather on Sunday should be warmer (20’s) and we have a fun handicapped format so that typically faster racers ski farther.


Team standings are being double checked before posting but it looks close, the final standings will depend on Sundays race.

Mike Pratt’s staff at Gore Ski Bowl made snow when it was cold. Their level of coverage would be good any march, and was a pleasant surprise after the meltdown. The course is frozen granular, the tillers have made it a very pleasant surface to ski on.

We have solid snow coverage as of March 2nd. We will utilize a 3k loop for 5 laps. It should be blue Klister conditions over old frozen granular (less abrasive that the HURT JNQ)

We have plenty of Prizes for our end of season race:

 Participants can purchase SWIX clothing in their size online, at quite a discount!


We have quite a few nice prizes {a wax profile, Access to custom logo wear at a Swix-NYSSRA team store,US Ski Poles: Quick release baskets, Roller ski tips, Swix VIP Cards}, that will be raffled off to participants (so everyone gets a chance)

Over 200 NYSSRA members have attended races this year, hopefully a good crowd will make the trip and have a great weekend on the trail.


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