Mar 132011

Glenville Hills Nordic’s Eric Seyse captured the overall NYSSRA Points Series Championship amassing 444 points in 13 of the 23 scored events this season.  Eric had a fantastic season which included a second overall place in the Champions Cup Race.  Eric also had four race wins this season, victorious in the Holland Patent Classic, the Dewey Mt Freestyle, the Winona Forest Try-it and the Winona Forest Tourathon.  Eric has traditionally raced well and often, as he was also the 2009-10 overall points series champion.

The highest scoring woman was HURT Nordic’s Kathy Schwenk, competing in 6 scored events.  The top juniors were HURT Nordic’s Brian Halligan and NYSEF’s Nina Armstrong.  Peru Nordic’s Jerry Curcio skied in the most events, with results in 15 scored races.  These skiers were part of the elite NYSSRA Red Group who were rewarded with a nice Toko/NYSSRA red ski touque for their efforts:


Name class Club Count – race Count – Champs Sum – total_points
Seyse, Eric SRM Glenville Hills Nordic 13 1 444
Huneck, Tim M5M HURT Nordic 13 1 401
Halligan, Brian J2M HURT Nordic 9 1 360
Luban, Ed M6M HURT Nordic 11 1 353
Curcio, Jerry M6M Peru Nordic Masters 15 1 348
Huneck, Aaron J3M HURT Nordic 9 1 330
Kobak, Jim M3M Peru Nordic Masters 10 1 304
Huneck, Austin J2M HURT Nordic 9 277
Torniainen, Matti M8M HURT Nordic 8 1 266
Yarsevich, Chris M1M HURT Nordic 7 1 265
Schwenk, Kathy M4F HURT Nordic 6 1 262
Forshey, Matt J3M Glenville Hills Nordic 7 1 261
Armstrong, Nina J3F NYSEF 6 1 258
Zullo, Amanda M1F Peru Nordic Masters 6 1 256
Santor, Jon SRM Peru Nordic Masters 8 1 249
Torniainen, Matthew M2M HURT Nordic 6 1 245
Greenberg, Evan J2M NYSEF 8 1 245
Rueckheim, Jack M6M Cayuga Nordic 9 1 244
Rose, Chris M3M Peru Nordic Masters 6 1 237
Chappell, Tom M4M Cayuga Nordic 7 1 236
Forshey, Ashley J1F Glenville Hills Nordic 7 236
Underwood, Heidi M3F HURT Nordic 5 1 235
Balander, Audrey M5F Cayuga Nordic 5 1 214
Wynn, Mike M3M Peru Nordic Masters 6 208
Kogut, Keith SRM Peru Nordic Masters 7 1 205
Findlay, Janet M6F Peru Nordic Masters 5 185
Hamilton, Eric M8M HURT Nordic 6 1 184
O’Brien, Bernadette M6F HURT Nordic 5 1 183
Luban, Adam J2M HURT Nordic 7 182
Izzo, Anna j2F NYSEF 5 1 181
Hatch, Stanley M4M Peru Nordic Masters 5 1 181
Koziol, Jill M2F HURT Nordic 5 1 181

At the Champions Cup awards ceremony, skiers were rewarded with age-group overall titles.  To be eligible for the overall points series championship, skiers had to compete in at least one NYSSRA event AND complete the NYSSRA Champions Cup Race.

Age Group Champions:

J2M:  Brian Halligan, HURT Nordic

J2F:  Anna Izzo, NYSEF Nordic

J3M:  Aaron Huneck, HURT Nordic

J3F: Nina Armstrong, NYSEF Nordic

SRM:  Eric Seyse, Glenville Hills Nordic

M1M: Chris Yarsevich, HURT Nordic

M1F:  Amanda Zullo, Peru Nordic Masters

M2M:  Matthew Torniainen, HURT Nordic

M2F: Jill Koziol, HURT Nordic

M3M:  Jim Kobak, Peru Nordic Masters

M3F:  Heidi Underwood, HURT Nordic

M4M:  Tom Chappell, Cayuga Nordic

M4F:  Kathy Schwenk, HURT Nordic

M5M: Tim Huneck, HURT Nordic

M5F:  Audrey Balander, Cayuga Nordic

M6M: Ed Luban, HURT Nordic

M6F:  Bernadette O’Brien, HURT Nordic

M7M:  James Hoch, Cayuga Nordic

M8M:  Matti Torniainen, HURT Nordic

M9M:  Burton E. Phillips

Congratulations to all of our points series champions.  Thank  you for participating in a  great season of Nordic ski racing!!!


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