Points Rules



  • All skiers* will score NYSSRA points for participation in sanctioned NYSSRA races.
  • Skiers will be ranked by age classification during the season.
  • All points accumulated during the season will count towards a racer’s total.
  • End of the season awards will be given to the top scorer in each category providing that they, have competed in at least two events and, have competed and finished the NYSSRA Championship XC Race.
  • Ski Racers will be scored based on the following:
  • Skiers will score points based on place in age class.
Place Points Place Points
1 20 6 7
2 16 7 5
3 13 8 3
4 11 9 2
5 9 10 1

*Skiers who finish in the top 10 of an event will also score bonus points

Place Points Place Points
1 10 6 5
2 9 7 4
3 8 8 3
4 7 9 2
5 6 10 1

If the skier is an active member of NYSSRA Nordic prior to the start of the race, he/she will score 10 participation points.

*Because of the non-competitive developmental nature of Bill Koch and “Try-it” events, skiers will not receive place scoring. Participants will receive 10 points for participating in those events if they are active NYSSRA members. However, skiers younger than U16s who choose to race with U16s will be scored based on place in those events.



-NYSSRA Nordic’s Cross Country and Biathlon Clubs compete all season long for the right to be named NYSSRA Nordic Club Champion.

-Each event on the NYSSRA Cross Country and Biathlon Calendars are Meet Scored using the following Scale

-The NYSSRA-Nordic Club series uses the same set of races as the NYSSRA Points Series and the NYSSRA Biathlon Points series to be counted toward the season-long Club Championship. The series culminates with the NYSSRA-Nordic Champions Cup weekend; with the club accumulating the most points from these events will be crowned, “current season” NYSSRA-Nordic Club Champions”, and will be awarded the Club Championship banner. Designated NYSSRA Series events are identified in the Cross Country and Biathlon schedules.

-The participating club must be NYSSRA-Nordic affiliated prior to scoring points in any event. Points scored before the affiliation process is completed will not be counted toward the clubs overall total.

-Club members participating in an event must have a current NYSSRA-Nordic membership. And may only earn points for the club that they designated on their NYSSRA-Nordic membership form. In the absence of designation on the membership form, a skier will earn points only for the first club they represent during club series events

-If you are a cross-country racer who participates in a biathlon or ski-orienteering event, you will receive ten points for each event completed. This will be added to your individual total.

-Club members must designate club affiliation on their race registration prior to the start of the event.

-Points will be scored using the NYSSRA-Nordic points system. In each event, total points earned by club members will be calculated. Then, the club with the most points for the event will be named “Event Champion” and will recieve 20 points towards the overall club series. Other participating clubs will recieve points using the point allotment scale outlined below. Club championship standings will be maintained and updated on the NYSSRA-nordic website www.nyssranordic.com.

Meet Scoring Points Allotment Scale

1 place club = 20 points
2 place club = 16
3 place club = 13
4 place club = 11
5 place club = 9
6 place club = 7
7 place club = 5
8 place club = 3
9 place club = 2
10 place club = 1
11 place club = 1
12 place club = 1


Can any club/team/group be involved? – Yes, as long as that group has officially been sanctioned by NYSSRA.

How do clubs score points? – Each member of a club who finishes a NYSSRA series race scores points for his/her club. The points scored are equal to his/her NYSSRA series points scored for that race. For each race, the sum 0f all skiers competing for a club is calculated. Each club is then given points for the meet based on their overall NYSSRA points scored. Clubs score points for these races only.

What are this season’s club races? – All races listed in the cross country and biathlon schedules as NYSSRA Series Races. The final club events are held during the NYSSRA Champions Cup weekend. There are biathlon and Cross country Club Championship Relays and the NYSSRA Champions Cup Race.

Who can I have on my club/team? – Anyone who is a NYSSRA member can count for your club. Skiers may only ski for one club during a season. Just make sure your club members designate their affiliation on their race entry form in order to be counted as part of your club.

So, I can have Marit Bjoergen and Pettr Northug race for my club? – Yes, as long as they join NYSSRA and write their club affiliation on their race entry forms.

When are the awards Presented? – A single NYSSRA-Nordic Club Champion designated each season. This award will be given at the conclusion of the NYSSRA Champions Cup race. The winning club will be awarded the official NYSSRA-Nordic Club Championship Banner. The overall Cross Country Champion and Overall Biathlon Club Champion will also recieve banners.