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Empire State Winter games updates will be posted her periodically between races and naps. RESULTS

Please note, this is not the end of our season. As High school students wrap up their season with Sectionals, there are plenty of opportunities to race, and improve their skiing. All readers who want a bit more time on snow this year should check out the last post– It is too late to join the games, but the season is far from over, from the Tourathon to the Hurtathon, to the Mini-marathon, NYSSRA Champs, there are plenty of races left.

Day 2 kicked off with some biathlon. All participants skier 3 loops (1k, 2k, or 2.5k), and had to climb the big hill behind the biathlon range. The skies were clear and temps were coming up.

   RESULTS can be found here until they get taken down

After the race concluded it was time to put on kick wax. U16 racers skied a single lap 5K. the older crowd got to enjoy the course 4 time it was a flatter version of the old ESG 5k, but it came back up on the Hill behind the Biathlon range. It was a great day to double pole with a Kick here and there.This year only 2 racers attempted the Biathlon, XC double header- Allegedly they don’t regret it.  Falling snow in the 20s meant kick improved during the race. Those that waxed warm also enjoyed improving glide (except for those whose wax had worn off by then).

Paul Allison and Shane MacDowell set a blistering pace right out of the range. Neither Naive Jrs, or Headstrong Masters dared to follow the Duo. A nice pack of about 6-8 racers yo-yoed back and forth for 2 laps. After that it became evident that the NYSEF Kids coudl climb far faster if they wanted to, and the Masters resorted themselves in order of who’s wax / lungs were still in the best shape. Allison won by over 5 minutes. MacDowell had just under 4 minutes on the Trio of Martin, Fragomeni, and Kelting who were spread over 10 seconds . A great way to end an hour + of racing. Die hard racers trickled in for over an hour more.

Audrey Emmerson split the Mens field in an hour 27, followed by Connie Prickett and Jen Macgruder.

In the 5K race: Phillip Mathews by a hair over Thomas Weidman, followed by Daven Linck in the 5K. Fianna Halloran, led by a few minutes ahead a tight pack of Delaney Lafontaine, and Molly Sweeney.

Believe it or not it wasn’t over yet. The top 17 sprinters from Friday returned to race approximately 200 meters on a custom made course backwards out the range, over the flagpole hill, under and over the Tunnel and back through the range. The races were hard fought, but martin and Ralyea came out on top every time. Raleya and Fragomeni (bronze) get the guts award for winning their qualifying heats by at least 50 yards.

One day remains. Enjoy the snow before the rain.



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