Apr 122017

This year’s NYSSRA Nordic fall meeting will be held at the glens falls country club in Queensbury.

We are currently accepting submissions for additional agenda items, and inviting members to conference call in-Please contact the NYSSRA Nordic president <eric_seyse@hotmail.com> with submissions

We will be setting up our preliminary season schedule, please sanction your club and your races.

We are testing online sanctioning “paperwork”, try it out if you prefer. http://nyssranordic.org/race-organizers/

lunch is available for purchase, cash or check only (we are guests of Chris Freilinghouse, and it is all on his tablet)

We will begin at 9:30 AM, and break into committees. Break for lunch at noon followed by the general meeting at 1.- Please Join us and make next season even better.


Nyssra Nordic Agenda 2017


After committee meetings

Budget report -by Eric S from Lee

Executive Director report, Proposal of renewed NENSA Plus

Xc committee report-rose

Biathlon Report-Moffet

Ski-O report-Freilinghaus

BKYSL report-Hamilton

NYS Charities requirements summary -Hamilton

Insurance report-Halligan

Motions -approve and post new overnight camp safety policy + anything Sean has added to improve our safety procedures

Other items brought up for discussion- goal to keep it to < 20 minutes for non agenda items.


-Motion to modify our grants – now club support centered, less restrictive as outlined by presented by Steve Toomb


-Motion to set up a grant review calendar Proposed grants listed on the NYSSRA Nordic site will list this calendar, we will convene review at these dates or as needed for urgent requests.


Grant review provision for officer out of town, rest officers vote to wait or vote as a group of 3.


Grant review budget document excel link, share with the officers before, includes extra info from points chair listing income.

Grant Budget =any specific grant funds (like 2K for youth at the moment)and Gen fund-(last year’s insurance+15%, our emergency fund/ deductible + prize budget  +red group budgett +champs spending (2k to cover trail)+any payments to contractors). -Request blog about the trip from any individual grant recipients.


-Motion to adjust fees down,

Could offer free race sanctioning fee by certain date,or adult membership down $5 to reflect reduced insurance costs.


-Motion Set up a calendar listing fee for unsanctioned events on a case by case basis


-Motion promotional outreach get racers to the champs races eswg and champs, if approved by xc committee



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