Apr 012017

Big plans for 2017


Here is a brief update on some NYSSRA Club plans for 2017. Clubs will be building on their strengths to make sure they have the best 2017-18 season possible.


After winning the NYSSRA points series for the Umpteenth time HURT Nordic has decided to focus on building membership Martin Donnely-Heg will head up the HURT-West membership drive to make sure HURT gets points in every Rochester race. When asked about a rumor circulating that HURT was bribing racers with Chocolate and peanut butter in exchange for joining their squad, he responded : “No comment,… and we had to cancel that race anyway”


Peru nordic has decided to expand their creative race series (which includes math Biathlon) to include Sprint orienteering. Peru will host 10 1KM sprint races races per weekend somewhere in the north country, but racers will have to determine their secret location. When asked if this was a thinly veiled attempt to grab all the NYSSRA points, Director Jim Kobak responded “Absolutely not. We are being completely transparent about our points grab.”


The Holland Patent Wolverines have yet to resolve their lawsuit with Marvel Studios over the use of their mascot’s name. Director Larry Wilkinson is seeking alternative mascots at this time.

Lastly a major title sponsor has come on board to boost GHN-ADK Vauhti for next season. By partnering with Fischer and Rossignol (who have finally added a new-new-new-nordic norm in bindings after decades of being stuck with only 2 incompatible binding systems) The new team will be billed as “Team Unattached Vauhti” Checking membership it looks like over 100 racers are currently signed up as “unattached” so their points prospects look very good for next season.


Get some wax on your skate skis and head on over to Saratoga biathlon, you can still ski, and there is a race on Sunday (No Joke, they hold it on April 2nd so noone thinks it is an April fools day joke).

See you there!


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