Jan 082016

Sadly conditions did not permit the old forge race. However that made the mega relay even more special for the dozen fast teams who enjoyed over a foot of snow at the gore ski bowl. It is time to rest, recover, and hot scrape those skis. I neglected using moly on my skis before the race, but you would not know it from the shavings.

Women’s Results, Men’s Results, Mixed Relay Results

It was a fast day and several racers cracked the 50 km mark. In the end Queensbury eeked out a victory over a strong Peru team. Their coach should be quite proud.

HURT blog report can be found here

Next week keep an eye on the weather. Races are in Queensbury/Glens falls and Rochester.  Remember glens falls will be  a Wilkinson cup race.

This might be a good weekend to check out orienteering or biathlon in order to try something new, and take advantage of ski conditions at a different venue.

Think snow!



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