Feb 192014

In an effort to make the club championship relay more inclusive the Hudson United Race Team organizers have tweaked the format for the Club Championship relay on Saturday, March 1st in the afternoon.  Please take a minute and read about the changes here:  http://nyssranordic.org/schedule/xc-schedule/nyssra-champs/

To register for the relay and all other NYSSRA championship events please visit this page: https://www.skireg.com/Net/nyssrachamps


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    I have a couple of questions. For the biathlon event, do you want the awards to be given out after the sprint or on Sunday afternoon? Where will the start of the relay be located? Do you plan on having the timers that are doing the cross country events time this event? Also, since it is a relay, are the biathletes that race allowed to use the rules for biathlon, i.e., they have 8 shots to hit 5 targets. The last three have to be hand loaded instead of clip fed.
    Also, with respect to the biathlon sprint, are we collecting the money from them or are they required to pay in advance. Will we need to have day of race forms available in the event that racers are not a member of a biathlon club and also not a member of USBA? Has this race been insured through USBA or is it being insured through NYSSRA? Usually NYSSRA Nordic, Inc. has not covered insurance of biathlon. If they are, than we don’t need to collect for USBA.
    Nick Gretzinger is not sure whether he will be able to attend the weekend due to work commitments, so if you could respond to my email address I will try to make this happen as smoothly as possible (c_klossner@hotmail.com) Thank you!

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