Feb 262012

Well, it’s been a lean winter for NYSSRA Racing, however the following events have taken place and have been scored for the NYSSRA Points Series:

1. Rochester Classic

2. ESG Prologue

3. ESG Classic

4. HURT Hillclimb

5. Cookie Classic Freestyle

6. Lumberjack Scramble*  (note: The Lumberjack Scramble scoring is incomplete, still waiting for official results, but I tried to score what I could based on memory… hopefully these results will be official soon)

Next weekend is the NYSSRA Championships, where our year-end awards will be given out.  There’s only one more race on the NYSSRA Points Series Calendar, the 21 km Freestyle Champions Cup Race.  Registration is now open!

Eric Seyse currently leads the NYSSRA Red Group.  This year age group champions, and all others in the Red Group by the end of the NYSSRA Champions Cup Race will receive a NYSSRA Nordic lycra racing hat from Sauce Headwear.


NameClubclassclassCount – RaceSum – total
Seyse, EricGlenville Hills Nordic ClubSrMSrM5173
Curcio, JerryPeru Nordic MastersM6MM6M6162
Koziol, JillHURT NordicM2FM2F4153
Rose, ChrisPeru Nordic MastersM3MM3M4148
Howk, AlexSaratoga BiathlonJ1MJ1M4129
Chrzan, BrianHURT NordicJ2MJ2M4127
Santor, JonPeru Nordic MastersSrMSrM4125
Kobak, JimPeru Nordic MastersM3MM3M4121
McDonnell, RoyalNYSEFJ3MJ3M3119
McDonnell, AmeliaNYSEFJ2FJ2F4115
Duclos, SarahHURT NordicJ2FJ2F3114
Duclos, AmyHURT NordicJ2FJ2F3105
Hamilton, EricHURT NordicM8MM8M4101
Fieroh, WillNYSEFJ1MJ1M391
Clarke, ReneHURT NordicM8MM8M390
Walter, KevinRXCSFM3MM3M489
Roosa, DarwinSaratoga BiathlonM7MM7M386
Huneck, TimHURT NordicM5MM5M380
Vargo, Steve(empty)SrMSrM280
Sapp, MaileNYSEFJ1FJ1F280
O’Leary, Gretchen(empty)J1FJ1F280
Hatch, StanPeru Nordic MastersM5MM5M275
Kulmatiski, Andrew(empty)M7MM7M375
Lis, EdwardPeru Nordic MastersM3MM3M374
Findlay, JanetPeru Nordic MastersM6FM6F274
Armstrong, NinaNYSEFJ2FJ2F273
Torniainen, MatthewHURT NordicM2MM2M270
Huneck, AaronHURT NordicJ3MJ3M270
Jardin, AnnPaul SmithsSRFSRF266
Schlesier, BrettHURT NordicOJMOJM263
Yarsevich, ChrisHURT NordicM1MM1M263

AGE CLASS Standings:

*If you notice any discrepancies or omissions, please contact the NYSSRA points committee guru

classNameClubCount – RaceSum – total
J1FO’Leary, Gretchen(empty)280
Sapp, MaileNYSEF280
Forshey, AshleyGlenville Hills Nordic Club253
Zdgiebloski, EmmaNYSEF244
Barnes, HannaHF-L Nordic129
Likly, AlyssaRochester Nordic Racing125
Underwood, EmmaHURT Nordic125
Held, EmmyHF-L Nordic122
Reed, Jordan(empty)119
Hanson, JennaHF-L Nordic112
Hayden, JuliaPittsford Nordic111
Nitschke, MargotRochester Nordic Racing110
Slebodnik, KatieRochester Nordic Racing110
Hoose, MadelineHFL Nordic110
Corey, ColleenHF-L Nordic110
Yancey, ColleenRochester Nordic Racing110
J1MHowk, AlexSaratoga Biathlon4129
Fieroh, WillNYSEF391
Huneck, AustinHURT Nordic261
Greenberg, EvanNYSEF133
Mallery, EricRochester Nordic Racing130
Luban, AdamHURT Nordic126
Hess, GavinRochester Nordic Racing123
Mares, Seth(empty)121
Douglas, LangtonHF-L Nordic117
Smith, EvanWolverine Ski Club113
Newman, PeterHFL Nordic112
Leo, PatrickHFL Nordic111
J2FMcDonnell, AmeliaNYSEF4115
Duclos, SarahHURT Nordic3114
Duclos, AmyHURT Nordic3105
Armstrong, NinaNYSEF273
Douglas, RileyHF-L Nordic138
Montgomery, Sarah(empty)131
Nikollaj, Lidija(empty)128
Peabody, maeveNYSEF128
Kraines, Rebecca(empty)125
Izzo, AnnaNYSEF122
Witkowski, AnaRXCSF119
Gnolek, SaraRochester Nordic Racing117
wildman, keenaHF-L Nordic113
Cole, ArianaHFL Nordic112
J2MChrzan, BrianHURT Nordic4127
Forshey, MatthewGlenville Hills Nordic Club244
Ernst, TommyRochester Nordic Racing140
Daniels, LukeNYSEF138
Mallery, PeterRochester Nordic Racing135
Green, ConnorRochester Nordic Racing131
Urckfitz, TylerHF-L Nordic128
Katz, Ethan(empty)122
Carr, EvanRXCSF122
McClellan, Tom(empty)119
Huot, MarcoRochester Nordic Racing115
Straw, ScottRochester Nordic Racing114
Murn, TomWolverine Ski Club112
Paganelli, Charlie(empty)110
Matthews, Lee(empty)110
Haight, RussSyracuse Nordic Skiing110
j3FPhaneuf, OliviaPolar Bear Ski Club137
Howk, NatalieSaratoga Biathlon137
Rodbell, GabbiGlenville Hills Nordic Club135
J3MMcDonnell, RoyalNYSEF3119
Huneck, AaronHURT Nordic270
Buhrmaster, David(empty)361
Wood, EthanNYSEF255
Broderick, Patrick(empty)252
McGrew, HenryNYSEF251
Halligan, MichaelHURT Nordic120
M1MYarsevich, ChrisHURT Nordic263
Paarlberg-Kvam, DavidHURT Nordic137
M2FKoziol, JillHURT Nordic4153
M2MTorniainen, MatthewHURT Nordic270
M3MRose, ChrisPeru Nordic Masters4148
Kobak, JimPeru Nordic Masters4121
Walter, KevinRXCSF489
Lis, EdwardPeru Nordic Masters374
M4MChappell, Tom(empty)131
French, StevenRochester Nordic Racing121
M5FO’brien, BernadetteHURT Nordic136
M5MHuneck, TimHURT Nordic380
Hatch, StanPeru Nordic Masters275
Underwood, RobertHURT Nordic126
M6FFindlay, JanetPeru Nordic Masters274
Dixon, SherryHURT Nordic135
M6MCurcio, JerryPeru Nordic Masters6162
Dixon, RichardHURT Nordic130
Luban, EdHURT Nordic119
M7MRoosa, DarwinSaratoga Biathlon386
Kulmatiski, Andrew(empty)375
Hunter, DavidPeru Nordic Masters250
M8MHamilton, EricHURT Nordic4101
Clarke, ReneHURT Nordic390
Torniainen, MattiHURT Nordic134
Davis, Alec(empty)126
OJFInnamorati, KaytieCambridge Sports Union130
OJMSchlesier, BrettHURT Nordic263
Silverstein, AdamProctor Academy130
Wojcik, MichaelRochester Nordic Racing126
SRFJardin, AnnPaul Smiths266
SrMSeyse, EricGlenville Hills Nordic Club5173
Santor, JonPeru Nordic Masters4125
Vargo, Steve(empty)280
Goff, Alex(empty)256
Day, ChadRochester Nordic Racing130
Kogut, KeithPeru Nordic Masters129


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